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Social Media Marketing: Über den Social-Evolutionsschub

Hinweis vom 05.09.2013 auf den Beitrag von Stephanie Lehnert, ONEtoONE

Social Media Marketing ist aus dem Alltag vieler Unternehmen heute nicht mehr wegzudenken. Wenn es nicht gar direkt mit der eigenen Unternehmens-DNA verwoben ist, gehört „Social“ mittlerweile zum Standard sowie „Must have“ vieler Marken.
ONEtoONE hat einen genaueren Blick auf die unterschiedlichen Social-Media-Strategien von Marken wie Dawanda, Zalando und Baumarkt Direkt geworfen und untersucht, wie Social- direkt mit Transaktionskomponenten verknüpft werden können.
Lesen Sie mehr dazu hier im Beitrag!

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Stephanies Ramblings - Facebook and Business Evolution? / My Facebook story

Posted on 20.08.2013 by Stephanie Bogue

To be honest, I never really wanted a Facebook page.  Years and years ago, I had already graduated from college when Facebook was making its move into the mainstream.  Some of my younger friends had jumped on the bandwagon, and I thought maybe I had dodged the Facebook bullet.  As a slightly paranoid American, I was a bit uncomfortable with all of this information sharing and I felt as though I did not have anything personal I wanted to share with the whole wide world. 
That all changed one day when I was with my best friend who is normally up to date on what´s what.  She was incredibly disappointed in me for not having a Facebook page and immediately jumped on her laptop at the restaurant where we were eating to whip up...

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Stephanies Ramblings - Opt-in Text Message Marketing as an expansion on Social Media Marketing

Posted on 08.08.2013 by Stephanie Bogue

My childhood dream of living in Europe has finally been realized as I moved to the wonderful city of Berlin, Germany just over a year ago.  I am currently an International Business student writing my Master Thesis in the field of Marketing and plan to finish at the beginning of 2014.  So far, the highlights of this year for me were learning from European and German culture, broadening my knowledge in Marketing through SEO and SEM work, and enjoying a fairly warm summer in Berlin.
For the next six months, I will be working at the BVH.  I will be pulling the most interesting ideas I have about marketing, strategy, economics, e-commerce, tips, trends, and international business into this blog for your reading pleasure.  I look...

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