bevh & Google Morning Series 2021 - Take control of how data is used in Google Analytics



bevh & Google Morning Series 2021 - Take control of how data is used in Google Analytics

Veranstaltung bevh-Veranstaltung Online Webinar

Gemeinsam mit Google laden wir zu der „bevh & Google Morning Series“. Am frühen Vormittag wollen wir im Wochenrhythmus wichtige Aspekte beleuchten und Eure Fragen diskutieren.

Wir starten am 13. April von 09:00 - 10:30 Uhr mit folgendem Topic:

Take control of how data is used in Google Analytics

Rising consumer expectations and changing industry regulations have set higher standards for user privacy and data protection. This has led many businesses to revisit how they are managing data in their Google Analytics accounts. To help, Analytics provides businesses with a variety of features to control how their data is used. This webinar answers the most frequently asked questions and provides an overview of controls in Analytics that govern how data is collected, stored, and used–all of which can be adjusted at any time.

Katharina Arntzen & Ilona van de Bildt

Ilona van de Bildt
With 12 years of experience, Ilona is a Subject Matter Expert in Google Analytics and has worked on GA4 on the product side. In her daily role as Sr Solutions Lead for GMP, she helps customers to grow their Digital Maturity and guides them in their Digital Transformation journey.

Katharina Arntzen is Head of Ads Privacy InC Leads for EMEA at Google. This role combines three areas she is truly passionate about and where Katharina has worked in in different functions, companies and countries: sales, regulatory and legal. She enjoys supporting internal and external partners and explaining complex issues in an easy to understand manner.

13. April 2021, 09:00 - 10:30 Uhr

Das Webinar ist exklusiv für bevh-Mitglieder.


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