Landing Festival

  • 14.03.2018 - 15.03.2018, Berlin

What is the Landing Festival?

I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. 
Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole? 
Reality is a funny thing. The life you’ve led is not, in fact, the totality of what is possible for you. And if you can release yourself from the bonds you don’t even see, you would then be able to see the world as it truly is. 
The world beyond the Matrix. 
Long gone are the jobs for life with their planned career structures and company training schemes. Gone is the clear functional identity and the false security of large corporations. You need to wake up. It’s time to make a choice. 
We will give you the rights tools, a mental bootcamp meant to clash you with the future of tech and careers.

Remember: all we’re offering is the truth. Nothing more.

We are Europe’s boldest tech festival, two days of intensive learning and networking featuring talks, panels, expert sessions, workshops, a job fair, entertainment activities and a massive boat party to wrap up all the craziness.

Programm und Anmeldung


Deutsche Telekom AG, Berlin Representative Office Französische Straße 33 a-c 10117 Berlin

Rebekka Goldstein

Team- und Projektassistentin & Veranstaltungsmanagement

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