OMR 2019



OMR 2019

Veranstaltung Kongress Partnerveranstaltung

OMR is Europe’s largest information and inspiration platform for the digital and marketing sectors. In 2011, the initial “Online Marketing Rockstars” conference launched, drawing just over 200 attendees. In just over 8 years, the OMR Festival has steadily grown from a 1-day seminar to a 2-day event featuring a conference, trade fair and live musical acts, while establishing itself as Europe’s premier event for insights and networking on the latest trends and topics across the online marketing industry. This year’s festival is taking place on May 7 & 8 in Hamburg, where 50,000 are expected to attend.

In addition, OMR organizes a host of further events and regularly publishes a wide variety of content, ranging from studies, seminars, parties, podcasts, a job platform, monthly guidebooks and the Daily Blog in German and English. The Hamburg, Germany-based company employs a year-round staff of 80.

Programm und Anmeldung

Hamburg Convention Center
Eingang Nord (an Halle B1), Eingang Ost (Bei den Kirchhöfen/St. Petersburger Straße), Eingang Süd (Karolinenstraße, Halle B6)
20357 Hamburg