Women in Tech - Fast Forward 2022



Women in Tech - Fast Forward 2022

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What does extraordinary success look like one year from today?
Where do you want to play big and focus on what's important?
As part of our WOMEN IN TECH event series in collaboration with WOMEN IN BIG DATA we strive to bring more diversity and inclusion to the tech industry. Join a virtual "Bold Vision" exercise which will equip you with a powerful playbook for a high-performance culture and your personal growth.
The training consists of 2 sessions each 90min long, fully virtual (Zoom based). 
This is your chance to
... dramatically expand what you see as possible in all areas of life
...challenge limiting beliefs that get in the way of success and happiness
...bring intention and discipline to your personal life — the fuel for professional success
...gain clarity and focus — a compass for the year ahead
Participation is free of charge and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

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